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  • On Being A Constella ...
    Not that I always
    make excuses for not
    blogging as a way to
    start a blog entry
    (ok, fine, so maybe
    I do), but I
    haven’t had
    much time or spoons
    for blogging this
    past month or so,
    because I’ve
    been so busy going
    to var ...
  • Spoonless in San Raf ...
    I’ve been
    thinking a lot about
    Spoon Theory lately,
    which made me
    realize I’d
    never talked about
    it here on
    Parentheticals. For
    those who
    don’t know,
    Spoon Theory is a
    metaphor used by the
    disability community
    to ...
  • Birthday and Cancer- ...
    I’m a few days
    late getting this
    traditional birthday
    blog post up this
    year, because there
    was a lot going on
    for my birthday and
    then I got sick
    (which I refuse to
    take as an
    indication that I
    overdid it around
    the birthda ...
  • New Year’s Intention ...
    It’s taken me
    a couple extra weeks
    to actually write
    this down in any
    coherent way, but
    I’ve been
    thinking a lot about
    for this 2017 year,
    and I think they are
    finally coming into
    focus. I thi ...
  • Year End Reflections ...
    Once again I am
    stealing some time
    away amidst the
    familiar familial
    hurly-burly that is
    our Stinson New
    tradition to do some
    reflection on the
    past year and record
    it for posterity.
    2016 will definitely
    be a memorabl ...


A blog in which Our Heroine records, reflects and wrestles with meaning. With lots of asides.

My 2013 Intention: Streeeeetch!

Posted by: julia

I was just looking back over last year’s blog posts about the year behind and the resolutions for the year ahead, and I see that I said that my major intention for 2012 was to practice (and to create and maintain practices). I think I totally did live that intention, and I want to continue it into 2013. But the specific intention I want to set for this coming year is Stretch. In the coming year, I want to keep reminding (and convincing) myself to stretch: beyond the expected, beyond my comfort zone, beyond what I know or have known, even if just the tiniest amount. I do and I have done a lot, but if I stretch, I will find out whether or not I can do more, in a healthy challenge sort of way.

The key thing to remember about Stretch (hey self, I’m talking to you), is that by its very nature, Stretch is an elastic concept. It requires me staying flexible enough to push just a little farther whenever something new or different starts to make me feel scared or uncertain. I don’t have to go too far; just far enough to feel the stretch. And the deeper and more often I stretch, the farther I’ll be able to go the next time. (So in a way this fits very nicely into last year’s resolution to Practice.) 

All right, I have declared my intention; we shall see how it plays out over this next year. With all this practice and all this stretching, I should be winning a gold medal in the Happiness marathon by 2014!

Year End Reflections: 2012 Version

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Tagged in: solipsistic , reflect , record , memory , life

Once again I’m here at the end of the year trying to take stock of the previous year and set intentions for the year to come. Before I look ahead, though, I want to take stock of the year behind, and record a few things for posterity.

So how’d 2012 go? Well, yesterday I went for a long walk on the beautiful winter beach with my Mom (we’re out here for our annual family beach vacation). We sat on a log and looked at the gorgeous ocean and talked about life and the year we were closing out. Mom told me that from her perspective, it looked like I had a really good 2012, and accomplished a lot of things I wanted to. And you know what? That’s true. Most notably, of course, my book was finally published (after much work on it during 2012), but also: I took the Fly Your Freak Flag High (FYFFH) flag-making project to Maker Faire and the Academy of Sciences, and to Burning Man and SF Decompression, and I learned a lot and did a lot more with it this year. I hope to do even more in 2013, of course. I made my first large-scale art installation (the FYFFH flags at Burning Man) in 2012 too, and that was fun. I would love to do that again. On a smaller note, Josh and I also had a joint New Year’s resolution to make 2012 the “year of live performances”, which we totally did do. We went to concerts, plays, art shows, festivals and parties, and saw and heard lots of amazing stuff.

My stated intention in 2012 was “Practice”, and I feel like I really did step up to the advanced stage of intentional life design by committing to and honoring several different kinds of practice (writing practice, creative practice, happiness practice, communication practice, etc). I set myself challenges, and rose to them. I tried new things, and succeeded. But also, in several important ways, 2012 was the Year of Manifestation. I manifested both my Author and Artist identities in clear and unambiguous ways, and felt warmly received.

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