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  • On Being A Constella ...
    Not that I always
    make excuses for not
    blogging as a way to
    start a blog entry
    (ok, fine, so maybe
    I do), but I
    haven’t had
    much time or spoons
    for blogging this
    past month or so,
    because I’ve
    been so busy going
    to var ...
  • Spoonless in San Raf ...
    I’ve been
    thinking a lot about
    Spoon Theory lately,
    which made me
    realize I’d
    never talked about
    it here on
    Parentheticals. For
    those who
    don’t know,
    Spoon Theory is a
    metaphor used by the
    disability community
    to ...
  • Birthday and Cancer- ...
    I’m a few days
    late getting this
    traditional birthday
    blog post up this
    year, because there
    was a lot going on
    for my birthday and
    then I got sick
    (which I refuse to
    take as an
    indication that I
    overdid it around
    the birthda ...
  • New Year’s Intention ...
    It’s taken me
    a couple extra weeks
    to actually write
    this down in any
    coherent way, but
    I’ve been
    thinking a lot about
    for this 2017 year,
    and I think they are
    finally coming into
    focus. I thi ...
  • Year End Reflections ...
    Once again I am
    stealing some time
    away amidst the
    familiar familial
    hurly-burly that is
    our Stinson New
    tradition to do some
    reflection on the
    past year and record
    it for posterity.
    2016 will definitely
    be a memorabl ...


A blog in which Our Heroine records, reflects and wrestles with meaning. With lots of asides.

2011 Resolutions

Posted by: julia

Tagged in: writing , resolutions , reflect , record , life

Resolutions for 2011:

Looking back on last year’s resolutions, I think I did pretty well, but the interesting thing is that I don’t feel like my resolutions have changed much, if at all. I might have a few more specifics around writing projects, for example, but the things I said I wanted from 2010 are the same ones I want to dedicate myself to in 2011. So let me review them again here, with commentary and some slight modifications:

-First and foremost, I resolve to practice radical self-love in 2010. Not just your ordinary, garden-variety getting enough sleep and eating less crap, I’m talking about transformational, dynamic-changing self-love. I will prioritize my own self’s needs and desires at least as often as I prioritize others’. (Wow, this was a hard one. I think I did better at this during 2010, but it still is important for 2011. So I’ll keep this top of the list and resolve to keep practicing radical self-love in 2011.)

Year End Reflections: 2010

Posted by: julia

Tagged in: writing , wrestle , reflect , record , life

Wow. A year of not blogging. I think that’s a long enough break. I really do want to get back into the habit of journaling (Facebook updates and tweets don’t count...though they are better than nothing, I suppose.) Whether or not I make those journalings public, it seems like an important part of my own growth process and I want to respect it.

So here I am at the end of 2010/beginning of 2011, back in the familiar familial hurly-burly of a Stinson vacation, and once again trying to take stock of a year past and clarify my hopes for a year ahead. 2010 was a turbulent year, I think. There has been sorrow and struggle, and there has been growth. I have continued to level up in wisdom, and self-knowledge. There have been many moments of joy. I am grateful to be so blessed with people who love me and to have had time to pursue both creative pursuits and navel-gazing. I am trying to stay courageous and positive in the face of a whole lotta not knowing what the hell is coming next. I feel very much like I am ending 2010 at a crossroads, and hoping that 2011 will finally coalesce into whatever the next phase is going to be. I am as ready as I am ever going to be.

Summing up 2010:

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