Welcome to Parentheticals, the web home of Julia Dvorin, Solipsistic Storyteller.


Come on in, look around, leave me a note, tell me your story. Despite the "solipsistic" descriptor, I'm always very interested in stories of all types. It's just that the ones I tell are all in some way stories from (or about) my own mind. You can read my mini-manifesto on Solipsistic Storytelling here.

Mostly what's here is the Parentheticals blog, which is version 3.0 (the previous two versions having been lost to the vagaries of neglect and server crashes, although there is still a version preserved on LiveJournal here for what it's worth.)

You can find an admittedly idiosyncratic (and unfinished) autobiography on the About page, along with the official bio. You can also read more about my current projects on the Projects page, including my new fantasy adventure novel, Ice Will Reveal, published by Hadley Rille Books in November 2012.


(Or not. Your choice.)