Fly Your Freak Flag High (FYFFH) is a collaborative art project and social movement. The FYFFH project makes the phrase "fly your freak flag high" real by encouraging people to make actual freak flags and fly them in parades. We also have an online community and a super sekrit FYFFH game.

We recognize that everyone has something freaky about them--everyone is special, different and unique in some way. That's why we aim to reclaim the word "freak" as a compliment, not an insult. We've got to stop being embarrassed or shy about our freaky bits. Our freaky bits are what make each of us unique, fabulous and tremendous. It's time to stand proudly in our full, complicated, compound selves--and that means honoring and celebrating all those freaky bits that we (or others) have a hard time with.

The FYFFH project enables exploration and appreciation of our complex, multifaceted selves with the eventual goal of building a whole society (heck, a whole world) full of conscious, satisfied people. Our theory: if we can fully appreciate our own selves, we can also appreciate others; and once we can appreciate others, we can start working together in an honest and powerful way to build the kind of world and the kind of future we all want to live in.

If any of this sounds interesting, check out the official FYFFH website and come on over and join us!